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Heritage Financial Planning

We help individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment and insurance products to custom suit their objectives.

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Identifying the Missing Facts

Making Sound Financial Decisions

We find that the average investor does not have a process to make sound financial decisions. They are missing critical facts in their financial lives that may be costing them a lot of money. We help to identify these missing facts, misconceptions and undisclosed information that are all critical and necessary to make a sound financial decision that is in their best interest, before that decision is made. The correct course of action is to learn the right questions to ask before you buy any financial product or plan for your future.

Five rules of
successful investing


Work With An Independent Advisor

We are not “Captive Agents” who are limited to proprietary products or forced to meet personal quotas or agendas. We are able to focus on the specific needs and desires of our clients, offering a universe of options.

Have A Well Blended Portfolio

Combining safety and growth is the key to obtaining success and longevity in the investment world, as opposed to an all safety or an all market approach. Due to our multi-license positioning we are truly your “ONE STOP” for all of your financial and well being planning.

Keep An Open Mind To Change

As with all things, financial vehicles and strategies continue to evolve. Working with the right Financial Advisor who keeps you well informed and up to date is a must for today’s investor.

Active Portfolio Maintenance

Fact: Most investors are not personally engaged in the management of their portfolio. Advisors working with clients on a consistent basis helps to ensure that the investor and their investments get the attention they deserve.

Be Confident

Knowing that you have properly implemented these steps and are achieving investment success is the key to enjoying your life, your family and your financial freedom.

Take control of your wealth and make informed, confident financial decisions.

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