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Times Have Changed! It’s time you adapt to today’s volatile economy, new tax laws, and evolving investment world.


Please join us for a special spall group event for retirees
and those soon to retire.



Antonio’s Italian Ristorante
1105 Goshen Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46516


Dates & Times:

Thursday, April 14th

6:30 PM

Thursday, April 21st

6:30 PM

Are there gaps in your retirement planning that could be costing you and your family? We believe a solid retirement plan includes 5-key areas: income planning, investment planning, tax planning healthcare planning, and legacy planning.

Unfortunately, many financial advisors do not offer comprehensive plans that include all five areas of retirement. You could be living with gaps in your retirement plan that you’re not even aware of.


You will learn about the following topics in easy to understand terms:

  • Will your income taxes go up?
  • The proposed estate tax increases and how to help avoid them.
  • How to protect your retirement dollars in these trying times.
  • Is it too late to convert to a Roth IRA?
  • How to preserve capital, diversify your portfolio, and reallocate your assets according to your family’s unique needs.
  • How to help protect yourself against future drops in the market without completely sacrificing the chance to grow your money now.
  • How to convert your savings and investments into a steady stream of retirement income and which sources you should draw from first.
  • Alternatives to the stock market to help create income and growth.


Enjoy a complimentary meal served with the presentation.
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