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Today, more than ever, planning for retirement is a necessity. The combination of Social Security and company retirement benefits are often insufficient to provide the necessary income to enjoy a comfortable retirement. That’s why it’s never too early to start thinking about saving for retirement.

Along your journey, you’re bound to encounter an array of financial challenges. You must plan ahead by setting goals and deciding how they will be met. Retirement planning means not only getting ready for a lifestyle change but also accepting a changing financial picture. A successful financial strategy can mean placing your spouse of some fifty years in a nursing home with a pleasant, home-like atmosphere and superior private care vs. being forced to choose a “no-frills” nursing home. Or it could mean the difference between dining out more frequently vs. preparing more meals at home. Many retirees find themselves balancing between having a sufficient lifestyle and lacking some of the comforts that make life easier. This “give and take” could be alleviated if the proper planning, savings, and investing are done ahead of time.

The fact that Uncle Sam allows tax-deferred accumulation to save for retirement through certain funding vehicles, such as IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans, provides an ideal stimulus for increasing the amounts going into them.

If you are financially independent at retirement, it will never be a period of boredom and disenchantment. Rather, it can become a time of new opportunities when you can try a second career, develop a new lifestyle, or pursue new dreams and goals. You can start now to make your retirement years your most stimulating, fulfilling time ever–truly your golden years.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is failing to create a plan to meet your goals – no matter what your goals might be. Trying to get in shape? Make a plan. Trying to run a 10k? Make a plan. Trying to retire when you’re 65? Make a plan.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Heritage Financial Planning can help you plan. So you can sleep better at night.  Our STAR process walks you through every step those nearing retirement or already in retirement need to consider and prepare for to safeguard their financial future and make sure they have the peace of mind they have worked so hard to secure.

HFP STAR Strategy

Click here to learn more about our HFP STAR Strategy process.

You’ve worked so hard to get you where you are today, and with all the changes taking place in our world these days, let your next step be your best step in preparing for the rest of your financial life. Get your custom-designed STAR Strategy Plan now! Call our office at (574) 606-4406.




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