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One of the best ways to evaluate progress toward achieving your financial goals is with an annual review. Late December and the beginning of the new year is an ideal time to conduct this appraisal. It shouldn’t be a time for regrets and second-guessing about the things you did or didn’t do. Instead focus on the investing experience you’ve gained. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of the rest of this year and position yourself to move closer to your goals in the new year.


  • Consider opening or adding to an IRA. Annual contributions limits are scheduled to increase in the coming years with additional “catch-up” contributions allowed for those 50 and over. Evaluate to see whether a traditional IRA or Roth IRA makes sense for you.


  • If you haven’t already done so, you may wish to take some losses in your non-retirement portfolio accounts. The losses can offset profits earned from other investments in your portfolio.


  • Consider donating cash and property to charity. Gifts to charity are tax-deductible. The date on the check or receipt is usually considered the date of the donation for tax purposes.


  • Rebalance your portfolio. Uneven price movements in your investments can upset the balance over time. Is your actual asset allocation in line with the desired allocation mix, determined by your risk tolerance profile? Maybe an adjustment is necessary.


I can help with the experience and resources to make the most of your portfolio.  Contact us for a free and confidential portfolio checkup.  Together, we can evaluate your situation and make sound investment decisions going forward.  We welcome the opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.    

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