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A tale of a jolly advisor and an angry client.

’Twas the week before Christmas and here in my chair;
I sat in the office, foul weather or fair.

The world was at play, but clients might call;
I kept myself reachable, for one or for all.

And, lo, I was right, for I soon heard a voice;
That rose from the back of a shiny Rolls-Royce.

It was a rich client, I’m happy to say;
But he seemed upset, in a very bad way.

He stood at my desk, then he glared straight at me;
Demanded we talk about me and my fee.

Hands on his hips, then a finger he points,
I could sense there was pain in his weary, old joints.

We have a bull market, it’s lasted 10 years.
My stocks are at highs, erasing my fears.

The papers all say that commissions are dead.
But I’m paying you, why? I’m sick in the head.

If I trade online, I’ve heard it’s all free.
I then got a chill — was he bailing on me?

But fair the man was said he’d give me a chance;
To state my reasons, he wants me to dance.

You’re in managed money. It’s pay as you go.
Invest on your own, then you reap what you sow.

Yes, I will admit, day trading is fun;
But it’s smart to sit tight, and let winners run.

I’ve been up front on the fees that you pay;
And you’ve gotten discounts, quite many I’d say.

Your accountant likes me, I call once in a while;
Yet we talk quite often, I’m on her speed dial.

His manner changed, he started to smile;
Questions were answered, I went that extra mile.

I kept my calm, while he put up a fight.
The account would stay here, and he bid me good night.

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Heritage Financial Planning!


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