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Whether young or not-so-young, we all have had dreams of what we might want to do if we had no financial concerns. But, did you know that only 8 percent of us achieve our financial dreams?

You can increase that probability with a financial plan. When we ask a diverse group of people what a financial plan is, they often have many ideas. A plan for their bills to fit their budget. A way to grow their money and reduce their debt. A method to protect their loved ones. A target to purposefully direct their money to their goals.

A financial plan should cover that and so much more.  To get started, I have identified three ways you can get to your dreams.  The first one is to do it alone if you happen to be a financial wiz and super disciplined.  The second way is to ask a financially knowledgeable friend for help and wait for their availability.  And the final way is to hire a financial planner and take advantage of their experience and training in building financial plans.

As a financial professional who has worked with hundreds of families over the years, I want to share the top 5 reasons you should work with a financial planner.

  1. A financial planner begins with an end in mind (your dream). A professional already knows the path you will need to travel to get to your goal and will help you get there faster and smarter. They have the experience of working with clients like you. Let’s face it — the majority of humans want to make more money and have more free time. Financial professionals know this and have alternatives for you to evaluate.
  2. A financial planner will hold you accountable. Studies show that people need a knowledgeable support system to achieve their goals. Remember, when you learned to play the guitar, you hired a professional.  Similarly, a financial planner will build you an actionable plan for your money and have regular meetings to check on your progress.
  3. A financial planner will break down your big goals. A planner works with you to break your big, audacious goals into pieces, timelines, and smaller goals so you can increase the probability of achieving them.   For example, if financial independence is your goal, it will be best to identify in how many years, with how much money and where you want to be. Visualizing your goals and adding the best financial strategies will accelerate your progress.
  4. A financial planner will save you money. Your financial planner will advise efficient products for different types of accounts and match them to your purpose — for instance, retirement and education. There is a difference between putting the money in the right account to minimize taxes and maximize protection and growing your money inefficient taxable products. Remember, a financial professional is required to act in your best interest.
  5. A financial planner can help you evaluate hard, emotional decisions. A neutral party can provide emotional clarity when dealing with saving, investing, spending, lending, and protecting your money.  For example, extra financial planning is required for such life changes as expanding your family, aging parent care, loss of a spouse, or changing professions.

Ready to be part of the 8 percent of those who make their dreams come true? Heritage Financial Planning is here to be your “smart buddy” to guide you, protect you, and put your interest first when presenting alternatives for your financial plan.  If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at our office at (574) 606-4406.


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